South Devon National Landscape
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Educational Resources

History & Heritage Fact Sheets

Landscape Fact Sheet

The Bigger Picture project is based on photography taken from key vantage points throughout the South Devon National Landscape to capture changes in the landscape over the next 20 years.

Light Pollution Fact Sheet

The South Devon National Landscape ran a Light Pollution Reduction Project that was supported by the National Landscape Sustainable Development Fund. The project helped rural communities take action to avoid obtrusive lighting that spills out into our night sky masking its true beauty.

Horses, the landscape and you

National Landscape equipment for loan

Orchard Communities Toolkit

Meeting Papers

National Landscape Partnership

Below are the papers from past National Landscape Partnership meetings. To see papers from meetings that took place earlier than shown please contact us.

Estuary Steering Group

Below are the papers from past Estuary Steering Group meetings. To see papers from meeting that took place earlier than shown please contact us.

Please note information of a confidential nature relating to remuneration and staffing matters has been redacted/edited from these minutes.

Management Plans


South Devon National Landscape Planning Guidance

National Landscape Annual reports

2014 - 2020

Reports include the Chairman’s foreword, highlights throughout the year, National Landscape Unit financial profile, together with photographs illustrating activities, and information about other individuals and organisations we’ve been working collaboratively with.