South Devon National Landscape
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Totnes TQ9 5NE


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FiPL Funded projects 2022-2023

Orchard Farm

Habitat creation and regenerative  farming


Farm/site name: Orchard Farm 


Town/ward: Holbeton


Description:  4 gates, 420m fencing, 1hectare legume and herb rich sward, 50 fruit trees and guards, 3 wildlife ponds, 6 leaky dams and 4 bird seed feeders.


Grant awarded: £11,231.96


Project value: £14,036.61 


Start date: October 2021


End date: February 2022

Coleridge Farm

Milk vending and access


Farm/site name: Coleridge Farm


Town/ward: Chillington


Description: To sell whole pasteurised milk and milkshakes directly to local residents and visitors to the National Landscape, encouraging the public into the countryside and educate about sustainable food production and environmentally friendly farming in the National Landscape. Provide somewhere for visitors to sit and enjoy the countryside and the wildlife that we are trying to attract to the farm, provide a free car park for visitors to help them access the foot paths we have on the farm that join to those of the National Landscape, along with summer overflow parking.


Items funded: Wooden gate, small wildlife box x3, medium wildlife box x3, large wildlife box x3, post and rail fencing 60m, bench x3, fruit tree and guards x40, education visit x8, milk vending machine, shed to store vending machine and 6 education boards.


Grant awarded: £22,050.10


Project value: £42,422.50


Start date: October 2022


End date: February 2024

The Sharpham Trust

Hay meadow restoration


Farm/site name: The Sharpham Trust


Town/ward: Totnes


Description: Sharpham Hay Meadow Restoration Project


Grant awarded: £6025.76


Project value: : £12,035.20


Start date: October 2021


End date: February 2022

Flete Farming  Partnership

Habitat Development


Farm/site name: Flete Farming Partnership


Town/ward: Holbeton


Description: Low density shrub planting for ponds and habitat corridors, pond creation, slot dams, wildflower seed, meadow & scrub pasture management, tree planting & guards, fencing, gates, bank creation and 6 half day consultancy fees for a bird survey


Grant awarded: 29,189.11


Project value: £36,407.38


Start date: Dec 21


End date: March 2024

Great Park Farm

Vineyard Walk & Nature Trail



Install 6 information boards throughout the existing walking route with information on viticulture, history and ecology, with 6 interactive brass rubbings for children.


Grant awarded: £2684.86


Project value: 4474.77


Start date: Jan 23


End  date: March 23

C J Coyte

Improved habitat connectivity


Description: Tree planting, orchard creation, earth bank creation, new hedge and gates.


Grant awarded: £9503.24


Project value: £9503.24


Start date: Jan 23


End  date: Mar 23

Outside Devon Ltd

Volunteer kit and composting facilities


Farm/site name: Outside Devon Ltd


Town/ward: Bigbury


Description: Improved compost facilities, volunteer shelter, equipment and multiuse hedge


Items funded: Edible hedge, willow hedge, Composter, tools


Grant awarded: £5686.36


Project value: £7938.72


Start date: Dec 22


End date: March 23

Townsend Park

Biodiversity Access Project


Farm/site name :  Townsend Park


Town/ward: Kingsbridge


Description: Biodiversity and Access Enhancement Project. Improved wildlife, plant species and people using the dedicated portion of the land, wildlife boxes, hedge creation, . Replaced fencing running alongside the dedicated area for the safety of the public and installed signs. Replace metal gates with aesthetically pleasing wooden gates. Created an orchard area to increase biodiversity


Items funded: Fencing the open public area 146m, Maintenance large gates x 5, 4 foot pedestrian/ bridal gates x 5, Barn/Tawny owl box x 2, Benches x 2, Bat boxes x 3, 20 orchard trees and guards, Hedge laying x 150m and an A1 sign.


Grant awarded: £7410.90


Project value: £7410.90


Start date: April 22


End  date: March 23

National Trust

Grazing management


Farm/site name:  Prawle Point


Town/ward: Prawle


Description: Grazing management to improve the condition of the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) at Prawle Point.

Items funded: 820m stock netting and 2 field gates.


Grant awarded: £7105.20


Project value: £7105.20


Start date: Dec 22


End  date: Mar 23

Kingston Farm Ltd 135 resized 300 x 225

Deer Park Creation

Deer fencing , new hedge, trees


Farm/site name: Kingston Farm


Town/ward name:  Kingswear


Description: Creation of Deer Park with  new ponds,  hedgerows, parkland trees and hedgerow trees.


Items Funded: Deer Fencing 2920m, 2 x Pond, Planting hedge Row 135m, Field gate (metal not wooden) x 3, Interpretation board x 2, Planting new hedge, 210m, 14 Hedgerow trees in new hedge, Planting 19 parkland trees in existing hedge, Additional 210m of deer fencing for new hedges.


Grant awarded: £38,781.31


Project value: £38,866.96


Start date: Sept 2022


End date: March 24

Woodhouse Farm

New habitat creation


Farm/site name: Woodhouse Farm

Description: Creation of new habitats and correction of soil erosion issue. Ponds and new hedges will enhance the look of the field which contains a public footpath and a view to half of the village. Replacement Orchard and stock fencing to prevent the ring barking of existing apple trees which are dying.


Items funded:  Planting hedgerow 110m, Creation of earth bank 110m, 2 Ponds 10m2 diameter, Fencing 320m, 4 Standard trees and guards, 5 Hedgerow trees, 3 Gates, 11 Fruit trees and wire guards, Fencing post and rail 145m and 6 Standard trees for parkland planting with wire guards.


Grant awarded: £15,728.84


Project value: £15,960.84


Start date: Dec 22


End  date: March 23

Lambs Park

Increase wildlife rich habitats


Farm/site name:  Lamb’sPark


Town/ward: Dartmouth


Description: To reduce soil erosion and run off and grazing management. Increase wildlife rich habitats and their connectivity to each other, biodiversity and support pollinators.


 Items funded: 240m hedge planting, 459m sheep netting, 6 gates, 4 water troughs with bases and water infrastructure, 120 trees and guards, borehole and electric connection, 4 resurfaced gateways, 160m bank creation, 10 hedgerow trees and guards, relocated gateway, 3 bee boxes and 280g for wildflowers.


Grant awarded: £15,602.45


Project value: £28,890.14


Start date: April 22


End  date: Mar 23

Carswell 62 300 x 225 2

Carswell Group

Habitat & wildlife enhancement


Farm/site name: Carswell


Town/Ward: Holbeton

Description: Carswell habitat and wildlife enhancement, supporting business diversification for future generations.


Items funded:  200m hedgerow, 15 Orchard Trees & tree guards, 60 Parkland trees , 60 Cactus guards for parkland trees, 6 Leaky Dams and 3 Ponds. Wildlife safaris.


Grant awarded: 28,420.30


Project value: 28,988.74


Start date: Sept 22


End date: March 24

South Down Farm

Farming and nature improvements


Farm/site name: Southdown Farm

Town/Ward: South Milton



Mixed improvements to farming and nature at Southdown Farm,  creating a pond for water wildlife,  concreting the yard to reduce run off, making Devon banks and hedges for wildlife and to start up a new business offering takeaway picnics promoting farm to fork and local produce.



Grant awarded: £20,916.13


Project value: £31,312,77


Start date: July 22


End  date: March 23

Croft Farm

Marsh Resilience project


Farm/site name: Croft Farm


Town/Ward: Kingsbridge


Description: Croft Farm Resilience and Marsh Recovery Project.


Items funded: Sea Flap, New Hedge 230m, Soil Testing and Audit


Grant awarded: £13,564.00


Project value: £15,694.00



Start date: Sept 22


End  date: Mar 23

placing a cage by ditch 06.09.23 resized for web page 300 x 225

Washwalk Farm

Water Vole reintroduction


Farm/site name: Washwalk


Town/Ward: Blackawton


Description: To successfully reintroduce water voles to the river Gara and grow the population to prevent them from becoming extinct.


Items Funded: Site visit in 2022 by a senior ecologist, including expenses (Derek Gow) x1, Mink rafts x4, Remote alarm systems x4, Transport for Water Voles to site from 50 miles away and senior ecologist all day, Animal feed for growing voles (6 months food), Water supply, 6 months labour to look after growing voles, approximately 1 hour per day, Survey and report, junior ecologist (2 days, including expenses), Overwintering feed. 4/6 months eligible and Overwintering labour 4/6 months eligible.


Grant awarded: £10,492.50


Project Value: £11,512.00


Start date: 13/07/22


End date: 31/03/24