South Devon National Landscape
Follaton House, Plymouth Road,
Totnes TQ9 5NE


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Special Qualities

South Devon National Landscape was designated for its 10 special qualities, each of them is important individually Together they create a sense of place and identity and  are what makes South Devon an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty:

Fine, undeveloped, wild and rugged coastline.

A network of streams, rivers and estuaries

Ria estuaries (drowned river valleys), combe valleys and the network of associated watercourses.

Rolling farmland

Deeply rural inland rolling patchwork agricultural landscape.

Open tops and hidden valleys

Naturally incised landscape that quickly turns intimate, hidden and secretive away from the plateau tops.

Long, unspoilt views

Iconic wide, unspoilt and expansive panoramic views and long framed dramatic views.

A long-lived in landscape

A landscape with a rich time depth, wealth of historic environment features, historic cores to picturesque villages and towns and well-known historic and cultural associations.

A landscape rich in wildlife

A breadth and depth of significant habitats, species and associated natural events.

An ancient network of routeways

An ancient and intricate network of winding lanes, the South West Coast Path and other strategic recreational routes.

Naturally tranquil

Areas of high tranquillity, natural nightscapes, distinctive natural soundscapes and visible movement.

Quality of views beyond the National Landscape boundary

A variety in the setting to the National Landscape formed by the marine environment, Plymouth City, Market and Coastal towns, rural South Hams and the southern fringe to Dartmoor National Park.