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Businesses support young carers respite

Businesses support young carers respite


South Devon National Landscape has been fundraising since August 2020 to  enable  young carers in Devon to enjoy some respite time in the National Landscape this summer, participating in activities they normally wouldn’t have access to.


Lots of people have laced up their walking boots  and got sponsored to walk the 60 miles of  South West Coast Path in the National Landscape but with 2 lockdowns since the campaign launch progress has been hindered.  However, there is still time to get involved if you’d like to help, please see details at


Huge thanks to the following businesses for their support:


BBH Architects  £100  


Blue River Cottages   £100


Coast and Country Cottages  £100


Luscombe Maye £200


Ultimate Fabrics  £100


Totnes Town Council,  Kingswear and  Ugborough Parish Councils have also donated £25 each.


More businesses and Council supporters would be very welcome and help us to reach our target.


A young carer is someone under the age of 18 who helps look after, or whose life is affected by, a relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition, or drug or alcohol problem.  Young carers are more likely to experience emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression than their peers. 48% of young carers say their caring role makes them feel stress.  During  the pandemic their lives have been more severely affected.


One mum Leanna has spoken about the additional pressures for her daughter Maizy:

During the first lockdown Maizy and I were completely isolating due to my health issues. This meant that we couldn’t go out at all or meet up with anyone. Maizy found the social isolation very hard so we used zoom and video calls as much as we could to try to ease the restrictions we had to adhere too. 

Maizy struggled when the restrictions were lifted and things we’re getting back to normal. She had worries about catching covid and passing it on to me as she was aware of the serious effect it could’ve had on me. She was constantly washing her hands and wearing a mask either outside or inside.”


Communities Officer Nicky Bailey said

“We want to give 60 young carers a day to remember in the National Landscape participating in sailing, surfing, canoeing and  range of other activities. We’ re grateful for everyone’s support so far including the activity businesses but we need more funds to make this happen in a safe way for these young people.

If you can help please visit our just giving page or just  give us a call”